2018 Ohio State Fair Jr. Purebred Barrow Show – South Ring


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Full Show, Custom, Jr. Chester White Barrows – Class 1, Jr. Chester White Barrows – Class 2, Jr. Chester White Barrows Champion Drive, Jr. Dark Crossbred Barrows – Class 1, Jr. Hampshire Barrows – Class 1, Jr. Hampshire Barrows – Class 2, Jr. Hampshire Barrows – Class 3, Jr. Hampshire Barrows Champion Drive, Jr. Hereford Barrows – Class 1, Jr. Hereford Barrows – Class 2, Jr. Hereford Barrows Champion Drive, Jr. Spot Barrows – Class 1, Jr. Spot Barrows – Class 2, Jr. Spot Barrows – Class 3, Jr. Spot Barrows Champion Drive, Jr. Yorkshire Barrows – Class 2, Jr. Yorkshire Barrows – Class 3, Jr. Yorkshire Barrows – Class 4, Jr. Yorkshire Barrows – Class 5, Jr. Yorkshire Barrows – Class 6, Jr. Yorkshire Barrows – Class 7, Jr. Yorkshire Barrows Champion Drive